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Serve Alcohol In Your Business With The Right License

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The decision to serve alcohol to your customers is one that could make or break your business. There are many customers who are looking to order an alcoholic beverage with their meal. While, some of them buy it to enjoy at home too. However, you need to obtain the right license if you want to serve or sell alcohol in your business. Here are several types of alcohol licenses you can obtain for your business. In addition, there are some tips on how you can get start on obtaining your alcohol license.


Food and Beverage Certificate

RM Mixed Beverage in Restaurant Permit with Food and Beverage Certificate: This Certificate allows you to serve ale, beer, wine, malt liquor and mixed drinks in your restaurant.

MB Mixed Beverage Permit: You are allowed to sell beer, ale, wine, mixed drinks and malt liquor to your customers, and the beverages may be consumed on the property.

BE Retail Dealer’s On Premise License: This license allows you to sell beer for consumption on and off the property. The beer must be sold in a legal container, and your customers are not permitted to resell the beverage.

BF Retail Dealer’s Off Premise License: You are permitted to sell beer in a legal container to your customers, but it may not be opened on or near the property.

P Package Store Permit: This Permit allows you to sell malt, liquor and vinous liquors to your customers, and your customers are permitted to consume the beverages off the property.

BQ Wine and Beer Retailers Off Premise Permit: Once you obtain this license, you are allowed to sell ale, beer, wine and malt liquor with more than .5 percent of alcohol. However, the beverages cannot contain more than 14 or 17 percent of alcohol.

Alcohol License

Are you looking to obtain an alcohol license for your restaurant, brewery or store? You can get started by contacting Texas Alcohol Consulting. This company helps you get through the steps require to obtain your alcohol license. You can contact this company by calling their office or filling out the form on their official website. The form includes your full name, email address, phone number and additional comments. It is best to contact this company at least 120 days before you plan to open your business. Maybe to start selling alcohol.

If you want to serve alcohol to your customers, make sure you take the time to obtain the right alcohol license for your business.…

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Be a Good Manager for Employees

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As a manager, it’s your job to keep your staff motivated and positive. The culture you create in your office has a huge impact on the way your employees feel and the dynamics of your office. There are a few things that you can do to create a happier more positive office atmosphere. A happy office is usually a more productive one. Every manager should seek to keep his or her employees happy and inspired.

Create a Flexible Time Schedule for Employees Who Need it

Is it really necessary for every employee to get to work at the same time? More often than not, the answer is no. If you have employees that have small children or other obligations, consider creating a flexible time schedule that will allow them to arrive later and leave later or show up earlier and leave earlier. You may even consider allowing the creation of a swing shift. If your employee doesn’t have to worry about rushing to work, fighting for a spot in the robotic parking garage, and running at breakneck speed to make it into the office by 9 am, they will feel a lot less stress and anxiety. Make it possible for your employees to take as much stress away from their day so that they can be truly productive.

Maintain an Open Door Policy

Make room in your schedule for your employees to voice their concerns, grievances, or ideas. Even if you have to set a particular day of the week to make this possible, go for it. When employees have room to voice their thoughts and feelings it bypasses tension and awkwardness.

Have Fun Office Functions

It may be a good idea to have a fun office function for your employees at least once a month. This shows your employees that you appreciate their efforts and care about their happiness. It doesn’t have to be fancy either. You may consider having lunch catered once a month, or allowing employees to leave early at least once a month.This is an area where you can and should be as creative and personal as possible.

It doesn’t take a lot to improve your office culture, just a little time and attention. Talk to your employees and make it easy for them to talk to you. The more you understand about their personal situations, wants, needs, and desires, the more you’re able to create an atmosphere conducive to their success.…

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5 Reasons to Stockpile Non-Perishable Food for Your Family

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Preppers, survivalists, crazies…there are a bunch of names, both positive and negative, for the people that stockpile food, water, and other goods. However, these guys and gals are onto something. There are numerous reasons why you should stockpile, specifically non-perishable food, for your family.

Be Prepared for a Multitude of Emergencies or Catastrophes

Emergencies happen when you least expect them. Someone drives into a power pole, takes the whole thing down, and suddenly your neighborhood is without electricity for a week or longer. Or, a pop-up tornado tears down a portion of your home and leaves you and your family to fend for themselves in a basement until rescuers dig through the rubble. Horrible, yes—but it happens. When you stockpile and plan, you prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Create a Stockpile for Hard Times, such as Job Losses

Job losses and hard times are more common than unexpected emergencies. Non-perishable food stockpiles allow you to plan for financial hardships while still being able to feed and provide for your loved ones. Use custom stickers to separate food rations for each of your family members.

Snag Foods That Go Well Together

Canned goods are common stockpile foods, but you should strive to snag foods that you can make meals out of. Nutrition should be your aim—so grab a few cans of water-packed meats, like tuna and chicken, with longer-lasting cans of veggies. If you have a sweet tooth, opt for a few bars of well-kept chocolate, or get a can of fruit.

Have Plenty to Go Around in Case of a Natural Disaster/Power Outage

In the case of a power outage or natural disasters, your neighbors will likely be going through the same things. Keep a shareable stockpile of non-perishables and bottled waters for others. Not to say you should totally sacrifice your storage of stuff, but it’s great to help out others in need.

It’s Simply Always a Good Idea to Be Prepared for Whatever

The bottom line is preparation of any kind is a good thing. You should simply be prepared for everything and anything that could happen, from unexpected emergencies, to natural disasters, to catastrophic events, whenever possible. You never know what could happen.

Thousands of people worldwide experience catastrophic, life-changing events on a daily basis. And, the fact of the matter is, sometimes those events can be made a little better with preparation. You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed prepper or survivalist to know that preparing for catastrophes is a good thing.…

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What is a Franchise Business

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Franchise is a form of business or business cooperation using the principle of partnership, an established company both in terms of management system, financial and marketing and the existence of a brand of company products that are well known to the public, with companies or individuals who use the brand of the product or the system is what is called a franchise.

Maybe some of us think to start franchise business rather than build a business from scratch. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of the franchise business (franchise)? There are several advantages and disadvantages of the franchise business

Advantages Franchising

1. Business Management has been Built

A franchise business has the advantage of doing business under the banner of another business that already has a good reputation. The idea, naming, and management of a business has been tested in advance and is ready for implementation in a new location.

2. Already known to the Public

Marketing franchise business tends to be easier because the previous business is more preceded in the community. In other words, the cost and effort needed to build that business reputation are far less than building a new business.

3. Easier Financial Management

Investors tend to prefer to provide capital to a business that has been robust in terms of financial and marketing network. By using a franchise business, the financial management system has been set by the main Franchise,  so we do not have to mess around with financial management like building a new business.

3. Business Cooperation has been Established

The person who buys a franchise can benefit from the cooperation that the Franchise has built before. For example cooperation with suppliers of raw materials, advertising, and marketing.

4. Stronger Support and Security

Franchise advertising and more. Things like this are usually included in the franchise purchase package.

5. Can get Bigger Profit

Many people think that the benefits of a franchise business are gaining more profit because the brand has been known to many people. But in reality, this is not always the case. The cost incurred by the franchise buyer to the franchise must be deducted from the profit earned. Franchise buyers will get a lot of convenience in the early days of the business, but for the long term, franchise owners sometimes find that starting their own business may be much more profitable.

Business Franchise Shortage

1. Lack of Control

One of the disadvantages of a franchise business is the lack of control of the franchise buyer against his own business, as all systems have been determined by the franchise. So the space for franchise buyers is very limited. Ideas for creativity can sometimes not be applied, because of special agreements.

2. Very Tied to the Supplier

To get a sufficient profit, of course, every entrepreneur wants a small capital. One way is to find a cheap supplier. By using the franchise system, the supplier of goods has been determined. So we can no longer choose a cheaper supplier.

3. Reliance on Other Franchise Reputation

One of the biggest shortcomings of the franchise is the franchise reputation depends on the other franchise. If another franchise makes a mistake that leads to a damaged reputation, then this will also affect the franchise that you manage.

The Cost of the Franchise

The franchise.will makes an initial fee to purchase the franchise agreement. Then advanced costs for training and support for franchise buyers.

5. Profit Cuts

The franchise purchaser is required to pay royalties from the amount of profit earned. If the profit earned is small, then the profit will be deducted to cover this cost.