Be a Good Manager for Employees

As a manager, it’s your job to keep your staff motivated and positive. The culture you create in your office has a huge impact on the way your employees feel and the dynamics of your office. There are a few things that you can do to create a happier more positive office atmosphere. A happy office is usually a more productive one. Every manager should seek to keep his or her employees happy and inspired.

Create a Flexible Time Schedule for Employees Who Need it

Is it really necessary for every employee to get to work at the same time? More often than not, the answer is no. If you have employees that have small children or other obligations, consider creating a flexible time schedule that will allow them to arrive later and leave later or show up earlier and leave earlier. You may even consider allowing the creation of a swing shift. If your employee doesn’t have to worry about rushing to work, fighting for a spot in the robotic parking garage, and running at breakneck speed to make it into the office by 9 am, they will feel a lot less stress and anxiety. Make it possible for your employees to take as much stress away from their day so that they can be truly productive.

Maintain an Open Door Policy

Make room in your schedule for your employees to voice their concerns, grievances, or ideas. Even if you have to set a particular day of the week to make this possible, go for it. When employees have room to voice their thoughts and feelings it bypasses tension and awkwardness.

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Have Fun Office Functions

It may be a good idea to have a fun office function for your employees at least once a month. This shows your employees that you appreciate their efforts and care about their happiness. It doesn’t have to be fancy either. You may consider having lunch catered once a month, or allowing employees to leave early at least once a month.This is an area where you can and should be as creative and personal as possible.

It doesn’t take a lot to improve your office culture, just a little time and attention. Talk to your employees and make it easy for them to talk to you. The more you understand about their personal situations, wants, needs, and desires, the more you’re able to create an atmosphere conducive to their success.