When you Need That Furnace Repaired in Your Olathe, KS Home

Kansas is warm most of the year, but winters can be quite cold, so you don’t want your furnace to break down during those months. But when they do break down, you’re probably worried about how much the repair bill will be, so you consider whether you should try to repair the furnace yourself or have the technician do it. That usually depends on the model and how old the furnace is, but most of the big repairs should be done by a certified technician, especially if it’s still under warranty. There are a few tips for furnace maintenance services Olathe KS both for doing them on your own and when choosing your technician or new furnace.

Checking and Doing Furnace Repairs

According to Home Tips, there are several basic tasks you can do if parts of the furnace aren’t working. For one, if your furnace has a blower, they suggest it should be vacuumed and its blades cleaned. There might also be a clogged pilot light orifice which you can also clean out if it becomes clogged, but make sure your furnace and any gas lines are turned off. Sometimes the problem is with a motor that’s been tripped and can be reset by doing a reset of the motor switch. You also may need to change the fuse or breaker because if any of those are blown, the furnace probably won’t start. But if the pilot light’s thermocouple is broken or other larger tasks must be done, it’s probably time to get the professional.

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How to Know What Kind of Furnace you Should Get

If your furnace is so old that manufacturer parts are no longer available, or if everything else possible has been done to fix your furnace hasn’t succeeded, the technician will probably recommend a replacement. Even though you may be in a hurry to get your home heated again, you still need to do your homework to make sure you’re getting the right one, especially if you’re going with a new brand to replace a very old one. As Family Handyman Magazine points out, you might even be able to have a lower BTU furnace installed given the greater efficiency of new heating technology. But you should stay with a highly rated brand.

Finding the Right Furnace Service Technician

You need to hire an HVAC company that has a long history of customer satisfaction in the local neighborhood. Never be afraid to ask the service technician for references, or you can check home service review sites to see what others are saying. But always check on their experience and certifications to see if they can repair furnaces through non-intrusive techniques.

In conclusion, a new furnace will cost a lot and you probably shouldn’t go that route until you’ve completely determined your current unit is dead. You also have to watch out for repairmen who claim to charge very low fees because they probably don’t have much repair experience or know how to install new systems. It’s also good to do tests on your furnace at other times in the year to make sure it’s ready to go when winter comes.

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